Mobile Power Security

Solar Security Camera Trailer, Solar Power System, Security Mobile Tower

Security Mobile Tower

Our engineers designed a high-quality, above-ground iron tower that takes up small space and can be installed by only two people. It was primarily designed for camera systems, but it can be used in several ways. It also can be used on construction sites, outdoor/seasonal concert / fair venues, temporary road constructions, agriculture areas and anywhere where digging / pouring of underground concrete base is not optimal.

Rapid installation with only two people

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Looking for a cost-effective mobile solution to meet the safety and insurance requirements of a construction or agriculture project?

We help you build a comprehensive mobile security solution that:
   • Save at least 40% compared to traditional with Camland solutions
   • Provide excellent monitoring coverage
   • Document your project progress with Time Lapse Video

Construction and workplace video surveillance

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More photos and reference pictures of our system can be seen in the gallery below.